The Art of Making Mole

Making mole authentically involves a lot of ingredients, steps, sautéing and simmering. Here’s a quick look at how we make ours.

The Art of Making Mole @ Kayndaves

Authentic mole is made from scratch.  It takes hours and hours to do.  If you want to try it, pan roast the following separately.  We don’t use oil in doing so.  Some do.  We also de-seed the Chile Anchos so our mole isn’t overly spicy.  It’s your mole, so do what pleases your taste buds.
Chile Ancho (dry) – – 3/4 lb
Garlic – – 1.5 w/oz
Tomatoes – – 3/4 lb
Tomatillos – – 1/2 lb
Onions – – 1/4 lb
Cloves – – 3 ea
Oregano – – to taste

Raisins – – to taste
Peppercorn – – 1/4 tbsp
White Sesame Seeds – – 1 w/oz

Next, blend everything together – the ingredients you roasted with all of the following.  And cook it over medium heat.  And stir – and by stir, we mean keep on stirring it without a break.  Mole burns easily.  From too much heat and not stirring relentlessly.
Abuelita Chocolate – – 1/4 Bar or to taste
Bread Crumbs – – 1.5 w/oz
Brown Sugar – – 5 w/oz
Ground Cinnamon – – to taste
Cumin – – to taste
Salt – – to taste
Olive or Canola Oil – – 2.5 f/oz
Remember it’s your mole.  The more raisins and chocolate you add, the sweeter it is.  If you want your mole darker, roast some of your Chile Anchos longer.  Play with your ingredients so you end up with a mole that is yours.  Mole takes work.  It’s a labor of love in our kitchen.  And hopefully in yours too.  Enjoy.  And if you have questions we’re happy to help.
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