Where’s Dave?
Who cares.

Does he cook?
No. If he did, no one would eat here.

Why’d he buy a restaurant?
He didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore. So he bought a small run down cantina on P.C.H. That was in 1991.  He’s not practiced law since.

Who cooks?
Alejo. He is our head chef. His two brother’s, Roberto & Ruben, help him.  The three brothers (a.k.a. Tres Hermanos) are from a small village in Oaxaca.  They grew up on a large farm.  Their great grandmother loved to cook with fresh ingredients from her farm or from locals she’d barter with.  Alejo inherited his great grandmother’s love of cooking with fresh stuff.  And is now continuing her tradition.

What’s made from scratch?
Our moles.  Our sauces.  Our soups.  Our pico de gallo, diablo salsa and almost every thing else.  Our corn tortillas are hand pressed and made to order.  We get deliveries of fresh produce and other ingredients every day.  We source things from Oaxaca and other regions in Mexico.  And we buy local and organic when we can.

Do you cater?
We do.  We offer our most popular dishes in bulk at a discount (like our fajitas, our taco/enchilada combos, guacamole, chips, salsas and more). Click here for a menu.

Can I have it delivered?
Yes, and you can order online..

Do you offer any online deals?
We do.  Right now we’re offering some online only lunch deals.  Here’s a link to the items offered.

Do you package any of your products?
No, but we have a few in development.  Stay tuned.  And if you want on update, join our mailing list.

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