Kayndaves has been a neighborhood gathering spot since 1991.  We serve Mexican food.  Our ingredients are fresh.  Our sauces, salsas and soups are made daily.  And we try always to offer good quality at a fair price.  Dave was previously a lawyer.  But more drawn to business.  Despite having no restaurant experience, he bought a small Mexican Cantina on P.C.H.  He inherited a staff that taught him how things worked.  In 1992 he opened in Pacific Palisades.  Brentwood followed in 1995.  Culver City in 2009.  Neither Dave nor his wife Jintana are chefs.  They defer to Alejo.  He runs our kitchens with his two brothers, Ruben and Roberto.  The three brothers (a.k.a. Los Tres Hermanos) learned to cook as young kids from their great grandmother Brijida.  She had a large family farm in Oaxaca.  She loved to cook local dishes with farm fresh ingredients.  She was good at it.  And she enjoyed teaching her three great grandsons what she knew.  Alejo learned a lot from his great grandma.  Like her he has a passion for making good local dishes and sharing with others.  He and his two brothers thus carry on the tradition.