Do you deliver?
We do.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

Can I get it today?
Depends on what you order.  And for how many people.  We make everything to order, and prepare everything fresh daily.  Most catering items can be made quickly.  Some can’t.  So give us a call.  And we’ll do what we can to accommodate.

How many people to the packs feed?
Best guess is 10-12 people.  But this depends on whether you’re serving appetizers and other dishes.  And also whether you’re feeding a group of hungry teenage athletes or not.  That said, Dave has a large dose of his jewish grandmother’s DNA, and worries about (among other things) running short on food.  So his portions tend to be generous.

Can I open a house account?
Of course.  We have many local businesses who order from us regularly, and have their own house accounts.

Do these prices include servers?
No.  But if you need help, let us know.  We’ve worked with several people who have consistently provided customers with very good service.  And will be happy to put you in touch with them.

Can we make substitutions to your catering bowls?
Sorry, that you can’t.  But on several other items, we can typically modify.

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