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elote | a popular street food in Mexico.  Chef Alejo flavors ours with spices, lime and crema.

agua fresca | A non-alcoholic drink popular in Mexico, Central America and the Carribean.  Typically made with fresh fruit, water and sugar.  Can also be made with rice (horchata), flowers and seeds.

guacamole con quesillo oaxaca | guacamole made with fresh avocados, lime juice, spices and herbs.  Served with quesillo oaxaca, a white Mexican string cheese.

enchiladas mole negro | mole refers to a variety of sauces in Mexico and beyond.  Our mole negra is made from scratch with chocolate, chili ancho, sesame seeds, tomatillos, raisins and more.

food_soup.bb_01black bean soup | made from scratch with spices, herbs and no animal products.

molotes | a corn masa pastry filled with spiced potatoes and chorizo.

mexican mocha | double shot of espresso, abuelita mexican chocolate and milk.

fundido molcajete | queso Oaxaca, chorizo, mushrooms chili pequin sauce sizzled in a scorching molcajeta

tres hermanos | three brothers (a.k.a. Tres Hermanos) that run our kitchens  – Alejo (head chef), Ruben (the oldest) and Roberto (the youngest).  They grew up in Oaxaca on their grandma’s family farm.  She loved cooking with fresh ingredients, taught the brothers her recipes and dishes, and they now carry on their grandma’s tradition.

mezcal margarita | with fresh squeezed lime juice, served in a chili rimmed glass

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