Din Tai Fung – Our favorite dim sum restaurant

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When we find a restaurant in a foreign city we like, we typically end up eating there over and over.  This was the case with Din Tai Fung in Shanghai.  When our long time regulars Ria and Gregg told us they were heading to Shanghai, we let them in on our discovery.
Ria and Gregg ate there.  And when they returned, they let us in on their discovery.  That Din Tai Fung has 4 locations in Los Angeles.
Jintana and I headed out to their Arcadia #2 location soon after.  And have returned many times since.   Haven’t had a bad dish yet.  So if you visit, just go for it and order whatever looks good.
That said, their soup dumplings are our favorite.  Probably because it was at their Shanghai spot that we were taught how to eat them.  You start by taking a small bite off the top of the dumpling and sucking out it’s juice.  You then dip it in a soy, vinegar, fresh ginger sauce and swallow it whole.
We’ve eaten these dumplings elsewhere.  Haven’t found better.  But if you have a spot you like better, please let us know.
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