Nos Tres Hermanos – Our Chefs at Kayndaves

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Alejo Grijalva is our head chef.  He runs things with his 2 brothers, Ruben and Roberto.  They grew up on his family’s farm in a small puebla in Oaxaca.  It had goats, sheep, chickens and cows, and produced lot’s of fresh cheese and milk.  Alejo’s Bisabuela (great grandma) ran the farm and raised the three brothers (nos tres hermanos).  Her name was Brijida.  She made frequent trips to the nearby markets in Mitla and Tlacolula.  The three brothers often tagged along.  They watched her hand pick the freshest ingredients, and barter with her favorite vendors for coffee, avocados, onions, tomatoes and anything else she couldn’t get herself on her farm.  Bisabuela loved to cook.  She was good at it.  And she never used anything processed.  Just her farm fresh ingredients and the ones she bartered for.  And so nos tres hermanos carry on Bisabuela’s tradition.  Every day in all our kitchens.


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