Fundraising, Auctions & More

Since our start in 1991, we’ve been doing what we can to help our local schools, non-profits, temples and churches with their fundraisers, silent auctions and more.  So don’t hesitate to ask.  Email us at  We’d love to be a part of your organization’s efforts.

Delancey Street Foundation

We also work closely with The Delancey Street Foundation, a non-profit that turns around the lives of substance abusers, felons and others who hit bottom.  Started in San Francisco in 1971 with 4 residents, it now has  5 “homes” and hundreds of residents that are given not only food and shelter, but life skills that help them transition towards being a self sufficient, productive member of society.  Delancey Street is self funded.  Most of its operating budget is derived from it’s various business that are run by it’s residents, like Delancey Street Moving & Trucking, one of L.A.’s largest.

Kayndaves works closely with Delancey’s Los Angeles facility.  It has over 200 residents.  Dozens of them have worked or now work at Kayndaves.  For several, it has been their first job on their road back from rock bottom.

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